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Start Site Promotion With Directory Submission

With the rise in popularity of search engines as a channel for consumers and businesses to seek information, service providers and retailers; companies are now looking towards search engine optimization as a low risk, high return investment.

Directories are places where users go to find websites, just like they do with search engines. While search engines normally accept almost any site or page that is submitted to them without looking at its quality, directories usually only accept sites that offer quality information.

However, like everything to do with internet marketing, it is not that simple. The links have to be formatted in a particular way to offer the greatest increase in search engine positioning. Submitting your site to good directory is also very important.

From where to start:
You should always begin your website promotion agenda by listing your website in the most popular online directories. These directories can significantly affect your search engine ranking so it is a wise move to list your website here before you submit to the search engines.

You can check the link popularity of the site before submission using link popularity tool. Submitting your website to the directories is an easy process, requiring very little effort. However, making certain that the site will be accepted is the difficult part.

There is a growing discussion among webmasters whether it is worth it to submit to the directories. Some says it helps, while others disagree. Some think that it’s not worth to spend a lot of time to submit sites to a large number of directories, claiming that it’s worthless.

Those who disagree can check the search position of the directory before submission using search engine position tool. Let us see now the advantages of directory submission.

Directory submissions are helpful to boost page rank if:

oIf directories are search engine friendly

oIf directories have good page rank

oIf submission is made to relevant category

There is no 100% perfect ways to get at the top of the search engine results. But there are many things you can do to rank high in search engine result. One of them is using one way links. Submitting your site to web directories you can receive a bunch of one way links and good rankings in the search engines.

Common reasons for disapproval of directory submission:

- Site does not fit into the directory’s topic.

- Having under construction or incomplete section.

- Same titles and description as previous submitted site.

Necessary information for directory submission:

URL: This is important because many systems create your listing automatically and without the http:// your link may not work, while in the other directories your site may not work with ‘http://’.

TITLE: It is good to alter the title and description while submitting to different directories.

DESCRIPTION: Prepare the description in such a way that it matches the site.

CATEGORY: When selecting the most appropriate Directory category to submit your site to, conduct a search for your main keyword phrase and view the various related categories.

EMAIL ADDRESS: Many directories require an email address to allow them to verify your listing better to use a free email address instead of a company one to avoid thousands of spam mails.

The Formula of Success in Home-Based Businesses

Home based businesses are invaluable opportunities that are sometimes overlooked and underestimated by many people. At the end of the day, with such kind of attitude toward home based business opportunities, most people fail as all their efforts fall in vain.If you are a prudent and a serious seeker of home based business, you have to be full of vigour, patience, and optimism. Yes, the possibility of failing is high, but the possibility of becoming successful is higher. If you think this way and close all rooms for your apprehensions and inhibitions, you will surely succeed in the end.The promises of success, huge profits, and less time of work attract many opportunity-seekers to engage in home based businesses. But what they fail to realize is that, success can not be achieved overnight or in a week. Rather, success takes a long process and this goes the same if they are managing a home based business. And, as long as they know how to utilize their skills, resources, the technology and its features, and strike the while it’s hot, all will eventually become well.To keep going is one of the key elements of factor in the success formula. Once you learn to take consistent course of actions, from creating the business plan, putting up the business, and nurturing the business through relevant marketing and delivery of high quality products and services, clients will be gained and huge sum of profits will be earned.Gathering of significant information should never be stopped. Opportunities for home based business are so immense but not all live up to its promises. So, don’t rely on easy success and think that profits can be gained by not working hard for it. In fact, the other key element of success is complete hard work and this should be remembered at all times.More so, never ever believe that trying new things and being innovation don’t pay off. The truth of the matter is: innovation and breakthroughs are what clients wait for. And if you give them what they wait for and want you will easily make them your source of sales and as a result such clients will let your business live for a longer time. Finally, legitimate home based opportunities shouldn’t be likened to winning a lottery which can happen without effort-it is not and will never be.